Basic Savings account

With your $5 minimum deposit to a Basic Savings account, you become a member-owner of Oregon State Credit Union, entitled to take advantage of all the benefits, products and services available to our members.

Grow your money with Basic Savings:

Open a Basic Savings account online

  • Learn more about savings account rates and fees.

  • Federally insured, interest-bearing account. 

  • Designate Basic Savings to be the overdraft protection for your checking account.

  • No monthly service fee will be assessed when you maintain a $250 balance or have at least one other account type with Oregon State Credit Union.

Frequently asked saving account questions

Q: Why should you save?

  • A: Because life is unpredictable, things happen. Having savings set aside for emergencies (and opportunities) will give you peace of mind and a start toward stress free decisions about how to use your money.

Q: Savings, CD or money market? Which is right for you?

  • A: Depending on your financial situation, a saving account is the right starting point. But there are other saving options which may benefit you.

    • Savings accounts, Money Market accounts (MMA) and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts are all types of federally-insured deposit accounts which earn interest. They have many things in common, but they differ in some important ways. Understand the differences with this comparison article.

Open a Basic Savings account online

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