Business online banking

Enhance your business banking with online tools to help you save money and time, minimize daily hassles and improve cash management.

Sign up for business online banking:

  • A low monthly fee includes advanced features that can be tailored for your needs.

  • Call 800-732-0173 or Visit a branch

Simplify banking for multiple businesses

  • Manage multiple business accounts with separate tax identification numbers (TINs), all under one login.

  • Transfer funds between business accounts.

  • Create account access for employees, managers, bookkeepers and others with customized authority levels, including multi-level approval options.

Manage cash

Contact Oregon State Credit Union today to apply for your cash management options, including:

  • Originate ACH debits or credits

  • Deposit checks remotely

    • Use desktop check deposit with a check scanner from the convenience of your business.

    • Use the mobile app when you're on the go.

  • Wires — domestic and international

    • Save money if you do two or more domestic wires each month, or one or more international wires every month.

    • Save time: go online instead of to a branch to send a wire.

Enhance security, reduce fraud risk

  • Use the positive pay feature to upload lists of transaction items that you approve to clear your account.

  • Set dual business administrator approvals for transactions.

  • Have passcodes sent to mobile devices for extra login authentication.

  • Get triggered text or email account alerts.

Who can benefit?

Consider business online banking if you regularly perform any of the following activities:

  • Manage multiple businesses or memberships online.

  • Deposit a large number of checks or are not near a branch.

  • Collect dues and/or offer employees direct deposit for payroll.

  • Would like bookkeeper, CPA, office manager or other designated individuals to access account information.

  • Looking for enhanced online transaction security features.

  • Would like extra protection against fraudulent items clearing your account.

  • Planning to send wires on a frequent basis or to repeat vendors.

Not sure? Contact us for more details.

Sign up for business online banking

We're ready to help! Contact us and we'll ask a few questions so we can learn more about your needs. Cash management services require an application and are subject to approval. Our Business Services team will help get you set and ready to go.



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