Financial educational courses online for adults and kids

Learn at your convenience and at your own pace with Oregon State Credit Union's online financial educational courses. These self-contained lessons cover a variety of fascinating, important topics that will help adults and kids develop personal knowledge and skills for the future.

Adult courses

Browse these short interactive learning modules designed to familiarize you quickly with an overview of these key topics.

View adult financial education courses

  • Financial foundations. Learn the basics of key financial concepts.

  • Building financial capability. Learn to manage money and avoid financial dangers.

  • Investing in your future. Prepare for the years ahead.

  • Preparing for retirement. Know more about how you should get ready for retirement.

  • Owning a home. Explore benefits and costs of home ownership.

  • Small business essentials. Delve into the basics of managing a small business.

  • Financial caregiving. Learn about caring for another person's finances.

Kid's courses

Choose from more than 100 interactive, game-based lessons, self-paced to equip children with skills for life.

View kids education videos

  • Character development

  • Mental wellness

  • Financial readiness

  • Career exploration

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