Prepaid Visa card

Use your Oregon State Credit Union Prepaid Visa® card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Enjoy the benefits of a Prepaid Visa card

Travel — A Prepaid Visa card is safer than cash. It's especially useful when traveling internationally since regular ATM/debit/credit card transactions may be blocked in some countries due to heightened fraud alerts.

Budgeting — Use a prepaid card with a preset spending limit as a budgeting tool.

Teens and college students — Load a prepaid card for your child to pay for expenses at home or school. Young people will have the convenience of paying with plastic without the danger of credit card debt.

Features of Prepaid Visa card

  • Load a Prepaid Visa card with $10 – $2,000.

  • Use it for point of sale transactions and ATM access worldwide.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with the security of a card that is protected with a PIN and signature.

  • Reload up to 30 times during the card term at any branch, online or by calling 800-732-0173.

  • Check your balances online or by phone.

  • Report lost or stolen cards by calling 866-906-4170.

Get a Prepaid Visa card

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