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Money Management: a financial planning workbook for young adults

Are you a parent with a student getting ready to leave the nest, or a teacher looking for an activity that will help your students evaluate their future options?

  • Mindful Money Management, a financial planning workbook that can be used by teachers or parents to educate young adults, helps students learn how physical, mental and financial health are related.

  • With this workbook students will learn whether or not they can create the lifestyle they want while giving themselves “peace of mind” by having money in their savings account. The workbook is designed to be used independently by teens, but if facilitated by a teacher or parent it will open new opportunities for learning and discussion.

What users say about Mindful Money Management

  • Parent Molly Bell:

    • "I appreciated the experience both of my teens had completing the Mindful Money Management workbook. It led to some great family discussions as they compared their different choices. We appreciate your outreach to students and the community." — Molly Bell
  • Teen user Naia Rasmussen had this to say:

    • Which true cost surprised you the most? "Eating outside of the home costs five times as much as cooking at home."

    • Which peace of mind factor gave you something new to think about? "The utilities section made me think about how big a difference keeping all of the lights on can make in the electricity bill."

    • In what ways did completing this workbook influence your educational goal and future lifestyle choices? "It reminded me that I need to prioritize savings more."

  • Teacher, Auschere Caufield, Banks High School

    • “One of the hardest parts of teaching kids how to budget is getting them to realize how many things they have to think about when creating a budget. I love it that the Mindful Money Management workbook goes through all the things that might be included in an adult budget.”

About Money Management

  • Who can benefit:
    • Teachers, parents, financial educators

    • Young adults — Current high school students, those just out of high school, ready to join the workforce; headed to college or almost done with college and looking for employment.

  • Purpose: Gives students a way to test what life could look like based on education and lifestyle choices.

    • Each page has a series of choices about real life experiences.

    • Based on the education level your student expects to achieve, they receive a "points" budget to spend on lifestyle choices.

  • The workbook can be filled out online or printed for offline use.

Financial education videos

Browse video options here

Our financial educational videos cover money management topics. The videos allow self-paced learning, are easy to use access and allow you to set up a personalized viewing list that fits your needs.

  • Includes: money basics, loans and payments, paying for college and more.

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